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Considerations Beyond the Obvious

Brainchild uses dialogue, counsel, and wisdom to guide leaders that are hungry to impact the world. Be ready to show up and lean into yourself and your business.


You'll know when you're ready.

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Brainchild Strategies
this is how we begin

Tap into your innate desire to impact the world and those around you. We walk shoulder to shoulder with you as you lead your business - intentionally, honestly, and brilliantly.


We work with people that inspire us and charter fresh ground together - that's all there is to it.

we work with


that have the humility to dig deep into their business and open up to a new way


that are optimistic and hungry to align their team to move in a new direction


that are committed to their own evolution and the way they impact others

How We Begin
from those who dove in
Field & Social
Built 4 Locations in 4 Years

"Implementing Scorecards has been a game-changer for our team to provide clarity and an opportunity for self-reflection and self-correction."

Barbora Samieian, Founder

NexGen Energy
NexGen Energy

"They take a pragmatic approach that delivers immediate results They truly care about what is best for their clients and provide the support that will take that client's business to the next level."

Gill McCombie, VP of Human Resources

Talk Shop Media
2020 Canada's Top Small and Medium Employers

"With their guidance and systems, we have navigated some of the toughest times in our business without distraction and with more resiliency and dedication. Our business bounced back and grown stronger because of Judy and Marcel."

Katie Dunsworth-Reiach, Co-founder

Brainchild strategies
this is how it goes
Together, we dive into what makes you, and your business, exceptional. We help you to expand the vision, to curate the plans, and make it happen. Be prepared for hard work, tough questions, and patience.
our approach
Brainchild strategies
reset your plan

Evaluate where you’ve been, where you want to go, and how to get there.

Includes: ½ – full day facilitation and co-creation of a one page strategic plan.

realign your team

Align your team with the plan and move in the same direction. 

Includes reset plan + 1:1 meetings, individualized scorecards and performance review process.

rebuild your habits

Develop as a leader and equip your team with the tools they need to flourish.

Includes realign plan + financial reporting process and meeting rituals.

you're in good company
Dive In
here we are
Make a path by walking forward. Up to now, the path you’ve walked has worked, it got you here.
Brainchild invites you to consider something different, a new, unknown way. Be ready to align your actions and behavior with a new intent.
Marcel Newell
Judy Brooks
Here We Wrap
no jargon, no proposals, no arbitrary fees, no bs

Brainchild invites you to put yourself in a position to explore choices - to discern, to sort, and decide.


You'll know when you're ready to accept.

more to come...

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